The 3D configurator is a powerful tool that enables you to design your own apparel or accessory - from custom sizes, full-bleed custom prints, custom styles to choice of fabric! This tutorial will guide you through the various features, so you can get the maximum out of the software.

The basics: Zoom, Rotate and Reset

The Left Toolbar provides tools to Zoom or Rotate the 3D model. You can press and hold the Zoom or Rotate buttons to continuously zoom or rotate the model. The Reset button positions the model facing front. You can also hold the SHIFT button, while clicking and dragging on the model for free-form rotation.

Working with colors

The Color Panel lets you choose the color of any component. You can choose from the suggested color palettes, use the color picker or enter your own color hex code! If you have selected a library image or uploaded your own artwork, they will be displayed here, so you can easily pick a color off of them!

MyWear - Help color
Use the Color Panel to set colors, show or hide artwork or mirror front's image on to back.

The Show Art checkbox controls whether a component is to be rendered only with color or artwork. When selected, the Artwork is displayed with the chosen color as the underlay. If unselected, only color is displayed and the artwork hidden. The Apply to All button copies the color on that component to all components on the product.

Mirror & Copy

Mirror and Copy are shortcuts to help you cover a larger product area with a smaller image. Copy takes the image on the front and copies it to the back. Mirror does the same, except it also mirrors it. Mirror works better when there are regular patterns or designs, that are seamless and align better. If you do not want the mirror or copy function and prefer the classic flow of image, clockwise from front to back, set the option select box to "NONE". Both Copy & Mirror only affect a specific component.

Tip: Mirror and Copy take precedence over image layering. If you are layering multiple images and your images are not showing through, please set Mirror option to NONE.

Working with Text

The Text panel allows you to add your own text. You can add multiple lines of text (depending on the product, anywhere from 1 to 5 lines) and select the font style, size and color. If you have selected a library image or uploaded your own artwork, they will be displayed in the color picker area, so you can easily pick a color off of it!

By default, some lines are displayed on the front of the product and some on the back. You can, however, move all of them and position them exactly where you want it! Images and Texts can move across seams, so you can move the text continuously from the Front to the side!

Working with Images

Images offer a powerful way to create custom designs, exactly the way you want. You can visualize your image or artwork as a large canvas that you wrap around the product, clockwise from the front to the back. You can layer up to 3 images. Images are layered top-down, with higher order images layered on top. Lower order images will show through the transparent areas of higher order PNGs.

Use the Artwork Panel to upload images. Select a layer to Scale, Rotate or Move the artwork. Use the Layer UP/DOWN buttons to change layer order. To set a logo, use PNG and overlay it on top of other layers.

Use the Add Artwork button to bring up the upload window, where you can choose an artwork from our library or upload your own image. The size of the image required will vary by the product you are customizing. Generally, the larger the print area, the bigger the image required to cover it. Your image will flow across the entire model clockwise, starting from the Front. You can use the arrow buttons to reposition the image. The MyWear button is a shorthand to quickly move a small image to the front or back of the model, instead of using the arrow keys multiple times!

MyWearOnce the artwork is uploaded, click to select the one you want. You can use the right toolbar to manipulate your artwork. You can move, scale, rotate and change display order for all your artworks. You can use the "Apply Image To" pull down bar to restrict the component areas that the artwork flows to. You can press and lock the center button in the arrow icon, to move or position in smaller steps.

You can upload upto 3 images and layer them. Images are layered in the order they are displayed, top-down. Use the layer up/down button to move an image up or down the layer heirarchy. PNG files can be used if your image has transparent areas and needs to be overlaid on to other layers (for example, a logo). JPG is the preferred image format to preserve color accuracy, although we support vector formats (.ai and .pdf) as well. If you are using .ai please ensure that it is saved with "Create PDF Compatible File" mode turned on.

Removing an upload & Tiling images

In the Upload Artwork popup window, you can select an image file to upload (JPG, PNG, GIF, AI or PDF). Once you have made a selection, the selection panel on the right appears with your filename and file size. Click on the MyWear - Help color button to remove the file and select another. Check the Tile checkbox to have the uploaded image automatically tiled to cover the entire product surface. This option works best if you have repeating patterns with seamless edges, which you can auto repeat without having to upload a large file.

Tip: When you upload vector images (.ai or .pdf), they will automatically be scaled to the size required to cover the entire product. When you upload JPG or PNGs, you can select the tiling option to repeat the image.

Cloning an Image

Sometimes you may want to repeat the same image on different parts of the product. This might be because the image is too small to cover the entire product or you might prefer a particular image alignment or scale on the front, but a different alignment of the same image on the back. Now, you can use the CLONE button to achieve this. Once you have uploaded your artwork, click on the CLONE button in the layer toolbar. The image will be cloned and copied to another layer. You can independently scale, rotate or move the two images, which are clones of each other. Use the MyWear button to move an image to the front or back of the product area quickly, without have to use the move arrows multiple times.

TIP: Use the image on the 1st layer to cover the left of the product (right, when the model is facing you!) and the clone to cover the right of the product.

Placing your order

Once you have finished designing, check once to see if all components are covered (it is easy to miss the back or bottom of a product!). Click on the BUY IT button to save the design and proceed to the payment page.

There are several good resources for both free and paid artowrks. Below are some of the best sites for downloading free images and vectors. Look them up, download the images you like and have fun designing! Some of the images used in our image library are courtesy:
Getty Open Content Program